Serena F. Hagerty

PhD Candidate, Marketing

Harvard Business School

James M. and Cathleen D. Stone PhD Scholar in Inequality and Wealth Concentration

Harvard Kennedy School

Contributing to the burgeoning discourse on economic inequality, my research investigates the consequences of consumer decisions at either end of the wealth distribution. Across several projects I examine both social and market-level consequences of how lower- vs higher-income individuals spend their resources. At the high-end of the wealth distribution, I explore the permissibility of premium services targeted to a small segment of wealthy consumers and the consequences of overspending by the wealthy on market outcomes. At the low-end of the wealth distribution, I investigate when and why lower-income consumers are judged negatively for their consumption decisions and how such judgments lead to double standards in permissible consumption. While past literature documents disparities in the distribution of resources, my work investigates the consequences of how those resources are spent.

I will be on the job market this summer.